Generating eventsearch backbone with jhipster generator tutorial

Let’s start to create backbone of our application in jhipster. In this part we will focus on setup environment and have a fun with jhipster console generator.

Setup part

At the beginning we need to configure some libraries. I hope you have your java JDK, basic groovy and node js installed.

Installation of yeoman – scaffolding tool which help us generate whole structure.

Installation of bower – package manager, which will download all libs, such as jquery.

Javascript task runner, you can use it for exampe for minification css.

And jHipster generator is on your desk.


Prepare database for application

We need to install Postgres database with pgAdmin. After installation we want to create new user, new database and grant user access to the database.


Run jHipster generator

You will have 15 questions how should look like your application. You need to choose type of application (eg. standard monolithic), app name, namespace name, type of authentication, caching, type of angular (I’ve choosed 1.x angular because I’ve been using it a long time ago and for this app will be enought) and lot’s more. Please take a look at console sceenshot from jhipster generator below (please open it as image in new tab).

I’ve also installed some additional modules to check what it is. Probably they are useless for now, but maybe some day I will use them or clean it up 😉


Now we need to prepare all files in frontend to works fine using:

And change database credential in application-dev.yml file:


Run generated jHipster application

And it’s working!!!

Rigth now we have simple application with

  • ability to login and register,
  • internationalization is being enabled
  • looks cool with bootstrap – material design…oh what?
  • has a lot of stuff in admin mode 🙂

One more thing: material design. We need to generete it!


In next tutorial we will be generating application model, see you next week!

Paweł Dobrzański

Start-up's fan, technological conferences member, social media enthusiast and low-cost trips traveler.

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Paweł Dobrzański

Paweł Dobrzański

Start-up's fan, technological conferences member, social media enthusiast and low-cost trips traveler.